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Mobingi ALM

Mobingi's Software-as-a-Service solution helps to automate your devOps works and reduce the cost on public clouds, such as AWS.

From infrastructure deployment, environment setup, and code shipment to application auto-scaling, monitoring, logging and auditing - All available with a self-serviced, simple and powerful web based user interface.

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Mobingi Wave

Cloud Management Platform

Mobingi Wave currently supports AWS resource management only. It enables you to manage multiple accounts within one place, list of your EC2 & RDS resources with fast switching between different aws accounts under your organization.

It also provides detailed unblended billing reports to your aws consolidated accounts. Thus allows you to track the real usage under each linked accouts.

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Mobingi for Enterprise

Bring Mobingi to Work

Securely manage your company's application lifecycle with Mobingi ALM, whether you work for a small startup or a large enterprise.

With Mobingi for Enterprise, your organization account is enhanced with these following features:

  • Single Sign On
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Team Management
  • Audit Logs
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Secure Application Access

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Lifecycle Automation

Mobingi ALM is a Software-as-a-Service platform that helps customers to automate applications' lifecycle on the cloud.

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Container Driven

Trusted Docker container registry to bring you the flexibility and speed of your container-based applications.

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AWS Cost Deduction

Launch AWS spot instances instead of on-demand instances to save cost by using our self-serviced software interface.

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Multi-Cloud, Hybrid

Other than native public clouds support, the software is also fully integrated with OpenStack, VMware vSphere, Apache Mesos, Kubernets and can be deployed at your private data center.

On-demand Support

Need more help? Need any specific features that our software doesn't fully cover yet? No problem, contact our professional infra engineers for customizations.

Enterprise Edition

The software can also be deployed to your dedicated data center behind the firewall. Contact our sales for more details.

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Manage Thousands as One

Mobingi cloud lifecycle management tools handle applications holistically, managing applications across many different servers, so an application can run on hundreds or even thousands of them.

Traditionally, IaaS and DevOps tools have had trouble thinking in terms of applications—of the needs, resources, and services that span hundreds of servers. Mobingi SaaS tools understand applications, treats them from a services point of view, and knows how to manage, scale, and maintain them.

Benefit Highlights

  • One click to deploy
  • Fully software automated
  • Container orchestration
  • Up to 90% time saved

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