Application Lifecyle Management

Software for managing your applications lifecycle on the Cloud
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Business users can request configurable services from an intuitive interface without intervention from it.


Deploy a fleet of AWS Spot Instances to your server stack and cut up to 90% on your monthly bills, with automated price bidding and ensures no down-time.

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Industry-leading technology automates the rapid provisioning and ongoing management of services across servers, networks, platforms and applications.


Manage the deployment, performance and compliance from Amazon Web Servicestm and Azure (coming soon) as well as other public clouds.

Application Lifecycle Automation

From infrastructure deployment, environment setup, and code shipment to application auto-scaling, monitoring, logging and auditing - All available with a self-serviced, simple and powerful web based user interface.

Software integrated with Docker, GitHub, Jenkins, Travis, Fluentd, Datadog, Mackerel and many other popular 3rd party services which will help you easily setup needed components of your application workflow and continuous integration.

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Simple & Powerful Web UI

Get your servers up and running in just a mouse click. Deploy, configure and monitor your environment with an easy-to-use web UI console.

We automate all of the infrastructure configurations, e.g virtual machine, OS, image, software setup, networking, load balancing, security groups, IPs, etc.

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Automatic Scaling

We pre-configured Load Balancing for your environment, and you define the scaling policy.

For example, if you use AWS public cloud, the software creates the Elastic Load Balancer, VPC, scaling policy and configures all other necessary resources automatically for you.

More over, for AWS cloud, instead of running all servers on-demand when you scale, the software also supports the smart bidding and lifecycle management of AWS Spot instances which ensures you no down-time of your application and save your AWS cost up to 90%. Learn more

Container Driven

Have your application stack build on top of docker container technology, and shipping your components faster with enhanced security ensurance.

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Cloud management platform to drive agility, ensure compliance, and manage complexity

Mobingi’s Cloud Lifecycle Management platform drives digital innovation with agile, full-stack service provisioning across clouds and traditional platforms. It helps our customers to scale easily while integrating with essential compliance and governance policies to reduce risk.


  • Intelligent Complience
  • Service Health Management
  • Container Orchestration
  • Enterprise Level Security


Before, the operations people would be in charge of manually figuring out how to hook all the servers and networks together. Now, Mobingi SaaS does all that for you.

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