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Mobingi softwares can be fully deployed to your private and on-premise data centers.
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Bring Mobingi To Your Own Data Center

The right software for your organization to choose

Mobingi softwares can be fully deployed to your organization's data centres behind the firewall.
The cloud lifecycle management powers your organization's engineering team to hassle-free from complicated infrastructure management, or to provide a "private" cloud to your end customers.

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The operations people would be in charge of manually figuring out how to hook all the servers together. Now, Mobingi SaaS does all that for you, at your private data center.

The software knows about the application, it knows how to execute the code, it knows how to add the servers and instances to the application, without a downtime.

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Mobingi SaaS integrated with majority public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Fujitsu K5, etc., as well as private clouds softwares such as OpenStack, VMware and Apache Mesos.

On-demand 3rd party software integration

In case your current system is running any open source softwares which Mobingi may has not yet supported, we provide such migration and 3rd party software integration services.


The software can be integrated with OpenStack, vSphere, CloudFoundry, Kubernets and Apache Mesos as on-demand OEM licensing version for your private/on-premises datacenters.

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