Cloud Management Platform

Useful features to help you manage your cloud accounts including resource deployment, security & cost monitoring, etc
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Web-Based Dashboard

Instead of mastering command line tools, simply manage with your mouse.

Manage resources

List of your EC2 & RDS instances across multiple aws accounts in one page.

Multi AWS Account

Are you an organization running more than one AWS account? Get all of your resources in one page without logging in and out repeatedly.

Monitor your Billings

Get the true spending and usage report from each linked accounts across multiple consolidated AWS accounts,.

Review resources across multiple AWS accounts

List up of EC2 and RDS instances. Fast switch between On-demand & Spot Instances.

Select AWS account from dropdown button and fast switch among your organization's AWS accounts.

Detailed and Unblended Billing Reports

When you have multiple AWS accounts linked into one payer account (a.k.a Consolidated Billing), monitor the true usage costs became inconvenient.

Mobingi Wave's Billing Monitoring feature provides you with detailed billing reports (down to each hour) and separated into unblended usage report per account.

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Before, the operations people would be in charge of manually figuring out how to hook all the servers and networks together. Now, Mobingi SaaS does all that for you.

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