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About us

We provide agile and effortless cloud computing technologies.

Our service

Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

With Mobingi Wave, you manage multiple AWS accounts in one place, analyze your organization's cost and optimize budget easily.

Billing Management for MSPs and Resellers

Mobingi Ripple recalculate AWS invoices and reallocate RIs only to linked accounts they belong, so you can easily reflect the correct cost for each of your linked customers.

Cloud-Native Application Lifecycle Management

You only define your architecture requirements, plus where application code is hosted, then Mobingi Ocean automates the rest for you.

Case study

  • NTTデータ
  • 富士通
  • ヤマダ電気
  • ソフトバンク
  • スカイアーチネットワークス
  • 株式会社SUPINF
  • 有限会社 大学出版センター
  • HEROZ株式会社

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