How It Works

ALM Features

Infrastructure as code
Write infrastructure design and application configurations in code blocks. Provision and run them on multiple cloud platforms.

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Application deployment
Host your application code on any git repository (or a Docker image), Mobingi ALM-agent grabs and runs your application with blue/green deployment.

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Resource management
A unified web interface console to centralize all of your application resources and allow you assign role based access control to all members in your organization.
Treat multi-cloud as one
With Mobingi ALM-template, you provision to any public cloud as working with one. Re-use the template to ship your application to any vendors.

Focus on your core business, not cloud computing complexities.

Before, the operations people would be in charge of manually figuring out how to hook all the servers, networks and applications together, and possibly across multiple environments. Now, Mobingi ALM does all that for you.

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