How Mobingi ALM Works

ALM Features

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere

Json or Yaml based ALM template defines provision, configuration and lifecycle governance.

Write your infrastructure design and application configurations in code blocks. Provision and run them on multiple cloud platforms, seamlessly taking the advantage of scalability and availabilities.

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Multi-Cloud Provisioning

Treat any cloud as one, we handle the hassle on various cloud platform differentiations. Delivers your application workload to one or multiple clouds simultaneously.

Migrate your infrastructure among different cloud platforms has never been done easier.

We're collaborating with our technology partners and world-leading cloud platforms to together provide you the best cloud experience.

Governing Applications and Resources

A dashboard to help you monitor cloud resources, application performance and accounts activities.

For a larger organization, centralizing activities and assigning role based access control to all members in your organization has always been a hassle. Use Mobingi ALM to control all of the different cloud platform accounts across your entire team, and generate audit logs on demand.


On-demand Installation Options

Mobingi ALM Enterprise Edition can be hosted by us or installed on your own servers, with exactly same features and product experience.


For teams who want to keep administrative work to a minimum while easily authenticating users and managing permissions.

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On your servers

For teams with strict regulatory who are unable to provide cloud credentials via public internet or require advanced auditing and monitoring capabilities.

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Focus on your core business, not cloud computing complexities.

Before, the operations people would be in charge of manually figuring out how to hook all the servers, networks and applications together, and possibly across multiple environments. Now, Mobingi ALM does all that for you.

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