Introducing WAVE

Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

Consolidate all cloud accounts across your organization

Creating multiple cloud accounts for different projects (or one account for each employee) had became a mainstream use case today. And we know that managing the cost spending and forecast the budget has also became a pain for you.

Mobingi Wave dashboard gives you a central place to view all accounts usage on a realtime basis, and allows you to generate and download usage reports for each account or the whole organization.

No IAMs, No Roots. We don't require your AWS credentials, you are in full control

You don't need to give us your cloud credentials. For AWS customers, the integrate process can be done in either of two options:

  •    (a) Join our consolidate billing family as linked accounts
  •    (b) Upload your AWS billing line Item Csv file to Wave dashboard

Since neither of these two options will grant us access to your account resources, your account is in full secure.

In addition, for customers with option (a) will receive a 3~5% AWS billing discount.

One dashboard to monitor cost allocated by project or department

Filter your cost spendings by tags that differenciate projects or departments.

Let's say you have 3 projects with each contains multiple servers and various network traffics across two AWS accounts. With Wave, you can generate 3 usage reports against each project. So as a managemer you will have clear information on allocating each project's budgets.

Pay with your local currency, no credit card required

Accounting process in your company is critical and we know that.

Mobingi Wave provides local currency billing invoice for customers who choose the consolidate billing option. You have the choice to chose payment in JPY, USD or RMB with bank transactions, no credit card required.

More features

Daily Notifications

Get cost report via email or Slack

Rightsizing Recommendations

Leverage the best fit of your instances

RI Purchasing

Get the most benefit of Reserved Instances

Tagging & Allocationcoming soon

Filter cost & resources by tags

Multi-user Supportcoming soon

Grant access to your teams with relative roles

CSV Reports Downloading

View the cost reports from your Excel

Multi-currency Invoicing

Download PDF invoice in JPY, USD or RMB

30-Days Payment Term

Fits your accounting policy

Easy Settings

2 min to get started, no credentials required