Mobingi software development roadmap

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Open Roadmap

ALM - Cloud Integration    

  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Micosoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

ALM - Features    

  • Spot optimizer v2
  • Audit logs
  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • Kubernetes integration

ALM - Agent    

  • Auto-scaling, backup/snapshot
  • Workers and queues on API queries to avoid HTTP Blocking
  • Add-ons

ALM - Federated Notification System   

  • Node activity notifications
  • User activity notifications
  • Webhook event notifications
  • Customized notifications, and more..

Wave - Features    

  • Daily notifications email/slack
  • Tagging & allocation
  • Allocate cost by ALM stacks (ALM integration)
  • Multi-user with RBAC support
  • RI recommendation

Mobingi Container Registry   

  • Auto-build on dockerfiles
  • Image security checks
  • Registry Webhooks & DB Connector Implementation
  • Release as an open-source project

Apps & Add-ons   

We'll have a set of 3rd party softwares to be integrated. Typical add-ons are with categories like:

  • 1-click stack installation with pre-defined Alm-templates, runtime images and code deliveries.
  • Logging services
  • Monitoring services
  • Backup services

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