Container Driven Orchestration

Built-in Docker container service that is 10x faster than a traditional VM architecure.
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Container-Native Networking

Container is built-in among Mobingi products

Instead of setting up complex VM host clusters required by run-time environment, which provides only limited networking and security capabilities, Mobingi provides an easy to manage, elastic Docker host, while delivering enterprise grade networking and security to each Docker container.

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Web Server Layer Orchestration

Trusted Image Registry

Mobingi's multi-region, trusted & priviately hosted Docker image registry with enhanced security and isolated environment that enables your application the maximum of security.

Blue/green Code Deployment

Connect to your GitHub repos or set up other code repositories that enables the continuous code deployment on Mobingi. Each time a green container will be launched and tested before switching the port from the old blue containers.

Run anywhere

Mobingi SaaS integrated with majority public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Fujitsu K5, etc., as well as private cloud softwares such as OpenStack, VMware and Apache Mesos.

Fully managed, horizontal scale

A daemon agent is deployed to all of your servers, with all management tasks you need automatically configured for you. Together with the elastic load-balancing feature, we enable a largely horizontal container scalability.

Enterprise Level Container Solution

Mobingi’s container orchestration is designed and managed with enterprise level security and Intelligent compliance.
The software also can be integrated to Docker, Cabernets and Apache Mesos as on-deman features per request, for your private datacenters.

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