Cloud Applicatin Lifecycle Automation

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What is an application lifecycle on the cloud?

Setup Scaling Policy

Click to choose the region, server type and auto-scaling range, then the software will create the application stack automatically. It auto-configures the following resources for your application stack:

VPC, Gateway, Storage, Subnets, Load Balancer, SSH Key Pairs, Security Groups etc..

Setup OS and Environment

The software deploys a Docker layer to your servers and shipping your stack configurations as containers. Just select your favorite operating system from the dropdown box and choose programming software verions.

Optionally, you can provide your own custom Docker image and scale it. Mobingi provides a trusted, privately hosted Docker Image registry, where your application evnironment and codes are securely stored and only accessable by you.

Push to Deploy Code

GitHub connected. Just select your private or public repositories from your GitHub account, and your code will be pushed to all server instances whenever you push to that repository.

Blue/Green code deployment is managed by Mobingi. When the code deployes, the green containers first download and configure the code and switch the port to add to auto-scaling group, before shutting down the old blue containers.

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Built-in Simple Monitoring

By default, every stack launched the software UI provides a simple and real-time server monitoring. Metrics inlcudes CPU load, Network traffics, Load-Balancer requests and latencies.

It also enables you to integrate 3rd party monitoring services such as Datadog, Mackerel and NewRelic. A built-in agent is deployed to every server once you enable these add-ons.

Real-time Logging & Downloadable Logs

Mobingi provides a default, enterprise-level logging service for every server it deployes and manages. The real time logs service pulls the logs from server instance such as system logs, modaemon, startup logs, apache access, sshd, etc.

It also stores the lifetime logs of every server on a 24-hours basis and provides a downloadable interface (or API). This is extremely helpful for your organization's audition and debug.

Configurations Live Editing

Add, change or remove environment variables, SSH keypairs or other configurations on a live running stack without interrupting any in-serving resources.

Securely store your important values to Environment Variables so you don't need to hard write them in code. You can also save the stack configurations for launching the same environment for Developing, Staging and Production.

Recorded User Activities For Auditing

A full set record of user activities is available on the console interface. It helps you to track the activities and actions taken througout the lifecycle of your application stack.

Role-based user groups enables your organization to better assign function-level tasks to your engineering team. Manage the access to your application resources with better access control.

All Resources At One Dashboard

A unified, simple yet powerful web interface to help you manage all resources across your application stack on the cloud. It's goal is to release the hassle of infrastructure level management that consumes significant time to devOps and enables your organization to have a cloud application up and running in minutes, with enterprise-level compliance.

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