Mobingi | Cloud-native Application Lifecycle Management and Cost Optimization

Multi-Cloud Made Easy

Deploy your applications on multi-cloud environment with click of a button.

Are you on one or multiple of these clouds and thinking of how to minimize the Ops work? Our solution helps you automate on multi-cloud environments.

Write Once, Work on Multi-Clouds

An Alm-template for multiple cloud platforms

Free your team from managing different standards and APIs among multiple cloud platforms (such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc.). Use our template-defined script to provision your architecture and software runtime in simple JSON code blocks, deploy it to your multi-cloud environment with just a click of a button.

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Migrate Between Cloud Platforms

Move your applications off one cloud platform to another

Have an application running on AWS? Alibaba Cloud? Planning to move the application off from one public cloud to another?

Re-map your application infrasture to ALM and we automate the provision, configuration and CI/CD for your application on the target cloud platform.

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Introducing ALM

At Mobingi, Inc, and along with our customers, there is no need of infra engineer. All developers entirely spend their time on application development without worrying about cloud infrastructure thanks to Mobingi ALM’s automated optimization of the cloud utilization.

Infrastructure as code
Write infrastructure design and application configurations in code blocks. Provision and run them on multiple cloud platforms.
Application deployment
Host your application code on any git repository (or a Docker image), Mobingi ALM-agent grabs and runs your application with blue/green deployment.
Resource management
A unified web interface console to centralize all of your application resources and allow you to assign role based access control to all members in your organization.
Treat multi-cloud as one
With Mobingi ALM-template, you provision to any public cloud as working with one. Re-use the template to ship your application to any vendors.