Deploy a fleet of AWS Spot Instances to your server stack and save up to 90% on your monthly AWS bills.
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Introducing [Spot Optimizer] for AWS

Bring spot instances to your auto-scaling group

Bring spot instances to your auto-scaling group to replace a portion of on-demand instances, with the same performance and stabability.
Mobingi's [Spot Optimizer] is an auto-bidding, self-serviced feature which built-in to Mobingi ALM product, ready to start immediately.

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How It Works

Auto Bidding

The system automatically bids with the nearly-lowest price for requesting a spot instance based on instance type (Eg. m3.medium), and afterwards adds the spot instance to your application's auto-scaling group.


When a spot instance is being shutting down by AWS due to bidding price or spot capability, the system will self-bid base on its smart algorithm with the new price (either lower, or higher) and replace a new one instead.

No Down-time

Before your spot instance's being shutting down, the system will start a new spot instance and deploy the same environment and code, then add this to your auto-scaling group. All of these happened before your old spot instance is out of service.

Fully managed: Spot = On-demand

By using [Spot Optimizer], it enables our customers to deploy a much bigger amount of servers for their application's load balance with the same cost. Or, reduce the cost up to 90% by replacing most of the workload to spot instance.

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