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Spot Optimizer for AWS EC2

Deploy a fleet of AWS Spot Instances and save up to 90% on your AWS bills.


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Introducing Spot Optimizer for AWS

Bring spot instances to your auto-scaling group

Bring spot instances to your auto-scaling group to replace a portion of on-demand instances, with the same performance and stability.
Mobingi's Spot Optimizer is an auto-bidding, self-serviced feature which is built-in to Mobingi ALM product, ready to start immediately.


How Spot Optimizer Works

Ship your applications with containers to your EC2

Alm-agent receives the spot shut-down notification in 2 minutes before its termination, and ALM API will bring up new spot (or on-demand) instances to add to your auto-scaling group.

By shipping your applications with containers, Alm-agent enables the lightning fast deployment of your application code to the newly launched EC2 instance. Then register the instance to your load-balancer and start routing traffic - All done without any human interaction and there is no down-time of your applications.

Auto Orchestrating

Spot Optimizer self orchestrates the requesting and the fulfilling of spot instances from AWS, then adds them into your application's auto-scaling group. And these are all done automatically.

Auto Replacement

When a spot instance is being shut down by AWS due to capability or availability changes, the system will reorchestrate your application servers using its smart algorithm to request available Spot instances.

No Down-time

Before your spot instance's being shut down, the system will start a new spot instance and deploy the same environment and code, then add this to your auto-scaling group. All of these happened before your old spot instance is out of service.

Fully managed: Spot = On-demand

By using Spot Optimizer, we enable our customers to deploy more servers to handle their application's workload for the same cost.

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